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Minted x Domino Art Challenge

Excited to share my recent submissions for the West Elm + Domino challenge. For this contest, I decided to submit my new Silkscreen works. The bright monoprints are inspired by vivid, mid century colors and forms found in the eternal vacation land of Palm Springs. You can see and vote for the designs here: Paint the Town and  Festival of Color 



The Create&Cultivate conference inspired me to focus on a CREATIVE WEEK on BigBright&Bold. I hope to share quotes and musings from the different speaks that definitely gave me food for thought. Stay tuned for next week to hear how the incredibly talented speakers inspired us.



The recently opened ACE hotel in downtown Los Angeels has become an instant favorite. Somehow since its opening, my instagram feed has been full of happy hour and skyline shots of this beautifully renovated rooftop bar. The entire building has incredible details, from the arches in the hallway entrance to the new tiles cladding the barista's coffee station. The reception area has a furry textured wall, next to the gift shop and photoboth!

Even the hotel's brand message, "the Ace Hotel is a collection of individuals — multiple and inclusive, held together by an affinity for the soulful," stands out in vision and detail.



The Ace hotel was the perfect setting for last weekend's Create&Cultivate conference. The spaces were a fun contrast to the the artsy decor the talented Darling and NoSubjectLA team put together.

The conference was an incredibly inspirational day, and the speakers and hosts brought so much ambition and talent to inspire us. 



Create&Cultivate was an incredible conference with extremely talented and creative women who were humble and engaging. Everyone was very open and friendly and shared stories about their struggles and successes. The theme seemed to be about vulnerability and giving back. From the perfumer who had been a high powered executive and now worked with indigenous people ideveloping countries, helping them become entrepreneurs not victims, to the girl who had been born into Hollywood royalty but made it her life mission to help others with the giving keys project, not only giving the proceeds to charity but employing people off the streets to make them single-handed. I was incredibly inspired to share in the stories and in the empowering day. Alexis started off the day with an incredible speech about having it all and realizing it's nothing, an incredibly beautiful role model for giving back. I met a mother and daughter who came from Atlanta as Darling pilgrims. The day was full of such a sense of community and openness in a city not known for such values. It proved people are not who they seemto be and what they have might not be what they are happy with. Most importantly, it reawakened in me the drive to stay creative and find my passion again.

When I signed up for the workshop, Create and Cultivate promised I would, "meet other amazing women all while getting my hands dirty learning from some of the best in the business." They ensured I would walk away with something tangible from each workshop whether it's an amazing lesson or beautiful potted plant. The conference is inherently anti-networking: it's all about getting your hands a little dirty, finding inspiration, drinking some damn good cocktails, eating some food and cultivating new friendships in an amazing (and beautiful environment!)."

I couldn't say no to that promise, and without too much thinking clicked on PURCHASE ticket and signed up.

The Create&Cultivate conference was organized by Darling Magazine and NoSubjectLa