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Collecting Art is a funny thing. As an artist myself, I always feel like I don't need to buy other people's art. I barely have enough walls to hang and frame my own works. I always admire big, bright and bold works of others, but finding one I love is pretty rare.

The Ipanema Art fair happens once a week in Rio, and we arrived on that very day. After dropping off our bags with the concierge, we hailed a cab and hastened to check out the art in the park. It was our first hour of our entire trip, and I didn't know what to expect. Surprisingly, I loved everything.

I tend to cautiously make purchases to make sure I don't just buy the first thing I see. I used to be more impulsive, and now have closets full of things that don't have a place to live in my smallish home. I walked around, chatted, and thought that the entire stay would be full of incredible art. This was the first (and rare) time that not buying did not serve me well.

Sometimes, the first thing you see is the best thing you'll ever see. If it had been the last day, I would have gone home with several easels under my arms.

The Art fair was the highlight of the Rio stay and I do wish I had purchased a few of the pieces. The colors were incredible, the textures were rich and the artists themselves chatted about their works. The quiet girl who painted the bold sunsets talked about her inspiration The cool guy who painted the florescent favelas with thick strokes talked about his upbringing. The suave graphic designer/art director who painted the sultry pin up girls spoke while puffing a cigar. I loves his style and his expressive painterly gestures. The Pin Up Girls spoke to me the most, which is unusual as I usually like more abstract pieces. It was the attitude and the color that made them so alluring. Definitely wanted to bring one home with me.

But, who knows? Rio, when I'm back this will be our first stop again.



Our plane landed at 10:00 am, and as soon as our taxi dropped us off at the Windsor Atlantica, we were off sightseeing. It was Sunday morning in Ipanema. The sun was shining and the beach was glorious. Despite having just flown 15 hours with a long layover in Miami, we jumped out on to Copacabana beach and began our day. Jetlag exhaustion was nothing that fresh coconut water from a coconut could not fix.

Sunday in Copacabana is the best time to take in Rio. EVERYONE is out and about on the strand. People are drinking juices, watching the waves and working out. All ages and all body types are tan and dressed in minimal clothing. The stories  I had heard that Brazilians are full of life and gorgeous (wearing skimpy bikinis and showing off their toned bodies) were confirmed within the first five minutes.

The Sunday strand was as full of people walking about as the 405 is jammed on a weekday commute. Some were dancing in impromptu samba contests. Others were riding skateboards and bikes. Everyone was enjoying the sun and each other. 

Each district along the beach had its own beach culture and vibe. We started in Copacabana, the south side, which is middle class, beautiful but had its heyday in the 60cs. It's pretty but not too fancy. The more north you go, to Ipanema and Leblon, the fancier it gets. Models and jetsetters hang out at post 9. It’s the scene for the beautiful people.

We were not quite world trotting jetsetters but managed took a taxi to Ipanema and check out the Sunday Art Fair. Strolling back along the tree lined avenues and checking out the designer boutiques proved to be the perfect start to our stay. We ducked into “Bar Astor" for a late lunch, mingling with stylish, kate spade type 20 somethings. I was surprised how fashionable and trendy the scene actually was. It was on par with a Los Angeles brunch on Robertson: designer dresses and heels, gabbing with girlfriends over some tapa appetizers and drinking mixed artisanal $15 cocktails. We had come 4000 miles to enjoy a scene that could take place a few miles from home. I loved everything, except the sad salad we were served. Brazilians could mimic 20s American interior vibe, outdo modern American fashion, but could not get the Caesar salad with chicken quite right.

We continued walking along the strip, admiring the patterned tiles and the colorful sky. Following my mom's guidebook advice, we walked to the end rock Arpoador, to watch the sunset. People clapped and cheered when the sun went down.

It was tropical. It was beautiful. It was both exotic and familiar.  It was the Rio of dreams, attractive, alluring and incredibly hip. Even with my mom in tow.



It's been a  few months since our Rio trip, but no time like the present to reminisce about tropical sunsets and beautiful beaches. The trip was inspired by the Kate Spade Ad campaign, and it exceeded my expectations for Big Bright Bold inspiration. The place is the definition of BRIGHT & BOLD. The people definitely know how to enjoy life! 

I will be sharing the best moments of my trip in the upcoming weeks. Our stay in Rio de Janeiro was truly a once in a lifetime experience, full of color, pattern and style. I still have yet to wear my tropical patterned, head-to toe jumpsuit when the weather warms up in LA. In the mean time I'll remember sipping the delicious coconut water straight from the coconuts and stopping for daily Acai smoothie breaks to get us through the sightseeing marathons. 

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!


Hello from Tahoe

Working fulltime in corporate America  has made me realize how important getting fresh air and enjoying the great outdoors are. When a friend asked a group of us to join her in an impromptu Tahoe getaway I couldn't say no.

We got to Tahoe, settled in our cabin and took a walk along a secluded, frozen river path at the end of the road. Our Airbnb lodge rental was the perfect "modern rustic" Tahoe log cabin experience, and we made ourselves at home in front of the warm fire. We made it to the lake just in time for watching the sunset, and admired the snow covered beach. We then ate some hearty meat for dinner in a local bbq bar, which gave us energy for the next morning active cross country skiing adventure.

The Cross Country skiing was definitely an adventure. Having done the sport a few times, I was definitely not an expert but could manage a normal shuffle without falling too much. Our group had a first time skier and seasoned snowboarders who couldn't understand the attraction of skiing without gravity. It's definitely a labor intensive sport, which prove to be exhausting. But, the peaceful views of snow covered meadows were worth the pain and suffering. (At least for me!) The trail wound through the pine forest, where we could appreciate the stillness and snow, while huffing and puffing for air.



Excited to return from a true winter wonderland. Over Christmas, we got the chance to head up to Lake Tahoe for a rustic cabin getaway. The white snow and incredible vistas were just what we needed to end the year on an inspiring note.

The time away helped me reflect on the successes of 2014 and my goals for 2015. I impressed myself by embracing challenge, and fearlessly skiing in windy and snowy conditions after Heavenly closed the entire mountain except that run.

We got to the mountain just as people were leaving. Everyone was discouraging us from renting equipment and attempting to ski. Even the ticket office was saying the conditions were dangerous and people were getting injured left and right. But, it was our last chance to ski, as the next day we were going home. (When conditions were perfect the day before,  I encouraged our entire group to try cross country skiing, a story I'll save for another day!) I was a bit scared to do this, in the blizzard like conditions amongst a lot of discouragement. I hadn't skied in over 15 years, and was rusty (to say the least).

And you know what? It wasn't that bad. Actually, it was totally worth it. Even if they would close the mountain after our one run downhill. Even after we paid almost 100 bucks to do that one run. (Although, thank you Heavenly for reimbursing us!) Even if it was dangerous and slightly crowded. It was incredibly beautiful, sitting on a chair-lift with friends admiring the snow and views. I rented a helmet and decided to brave it. I didn't fall or break anything. And, even managed to take some photos to prove we did it!

The experience made me realize how important it is to take on challenges, even with some risks. To not be afraid and to believe in my abilities. I was way better than I thought I could be, even if my legs were shaking a little.

Skiing down the mountain with the expansive views of Lake Tahoe made me feel totally alive. I learned I just need to get off the chairlift, believe in myself, and point my skiis down. What an exhilarating start to 2015!