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The best part of our trip to Buenos Aires hands down was the tour of the local street art with Graffiti Mundo. Graffitti Mundo is an organization dedicated to artists and we learned a tremendous amount about Argentine history by walking around and studying the street art styles and symbols.

The tour is a great way to see some of Buenos Aires' legendary street art. This is such a cool way to get to know parts of the city you might not otherwise see, and experience some of the most beautiful, impressive, and colorful street art you will find anywhere in the world. The guide's knowledge and passion for the street art movement was electrifying coupled with her ability to articulate the cultural, historical and political significance that inspires the artists was truly exceptional. We came away with an appreciation for the artists themselves, as well as a flavor for the complex and unique struggles that make Argentina so beautiful.



Finally, I get the chance to post about Argentina. What Buenos Aires lacks in natural beauty (like Rio) it makes up with vibrant Art. We went to Argentina after Rio last November, but I am now only gettingt the chance to share these amazing murals.

We went on two Graffiti Mundo Tours, to sample the different neighborhoods and different scales of street art. I loved learning about the stories, politics and personalities behind the graffiti in the city. It helped give me a good historical and artful context of such a bright city. 





I finally got the chance to post about the incredible temporary exhibit I saw a few weeks ago.

The Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit is an installation that embraces the modern vision of Louis Vuitton today with its long history, starting in 1854. The exhibition is laid out so that viewers can experience the LV brand in various environments—think 3-D projections, mirrors, photo-collages, and videos, which bring to life a behind-the-scenes look at the brand. The exhibit features mirrors, videos, historical items from the collection, stark white walls and mannequins holding their iconic bags, a "backstage" room featuring racks of clothing assigned to models. It is a fun fashion escape that educates you about the brand and how it is expertly constructed.

You enter through a dark room to be greeted by an illuminating red LV sign. Once you get past that installation, a second room with multiple faces greets you. Each room has a unique meaning and purpose.

The room that stuck out the most was the one where it showed the complete hand-made process of each product (specifically the LV heels). It made you appreciate the craft of fashion.

The digital projections in the 3d installation were stark contrasts to the pure white product gallery space. I liked the mix of digital and physical products, the chance ot learn how the products are made as well as seeing the real products displayed like art objects. The music was awesome, the lighting, the magic trunk, the holograms and runway show, really every aspect was more than I would have expected.



So lucky that LA was the first stop for the Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit.

According to, "Kicking off in L.A., the exhibit reinterprets the standard fashion show with a “series” of themed rooms dedicated to the Spring ’15 collection. Viewers enter the exhibit through a massive LV logo and make their way through an accessories gallery, a 360-degree room projecting the Spring ’15 show at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, and a re-created “backstage” area."

I was pretty blown away by the free exhibit, both as a unique experience but also as an interesting case study for showcasing a brand through the built environment.  I appreciate the transformation of an iconic fashion brand into an experiential museum gallery through new media.