Everyone needs a daily dose of color and pattern inspiration. BigBrightBold inspires and delights through showcasing colorful places, spaces and things.



I’m a fan of the bright. I live for mustard yellow, magenta, orange and gold. From the softest grey to the most intense fuchsia, I have been in love with color for as long as I can recall. Color - in the closet, in home decor, and on the street - is quintessential to so much of what is beautiful in the world.

The color love story began with orange. An orange pen led to an orange shirt, orange pillows, and orange wall...well, the wall was where it ended until I began my obsession with yellow. I have created this blog to celebrate bright and colorful places, spaces, and things.  

BIG BRIGHT BOLD allows me to share my colorful discoveries. The objects, textures and patterns I find are from my travels. From an Abbot Kinney boutique to a downtown wall of graffitti, color is everywhere. From Paris and Sydney to San Francisco and Los Angeles, I photograph the bold graphics that capture my attention. It started with my sharing of "the inspirational image of the week" at my previous office and continues long after I left that position.

Thank you to all the shop owners and designers who open their doors and graciously invite me to document their colorful displays. Your shops and studios are magical places with distinct personalities and tantilizing wares. 

Thank you for taking the time to experience my world of color. I hope this visual journal is a journey that can inspire, delight, and even surprise.

I am incredibly passionate about color and design, and very interested in cultivating an inspiring social media presence that showcases innovative products. If your company reflects a vibrant California Lifestyle, I would love to collaborate! I have recently worked with local Los Angeles brands, Blik Surface Graphics and Birdaria on creative art direction, photoshoots, product styling, and developing a social media presence. Check out some of the collaborations here.

BigBrightBold is a blog launched by Agnes Pierscieniak in December 2011. All photographs (except where noted), graphic design elements and layouts present here were created specifically for BigBrightBold and should be credited appropriately if reposted. Agnes is an interdisciplinary designer living and working in sunny Los Angeles. From logos to murals, Agnes uses bright colors and bold patterns to create identities for diverse clients and places.


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